Project Baby Born


I was in Kathmandu Nepal sometime in 2006, and I was visiting a friend, after our medical team was wrapping up another successful mission. His daughter just gave birth to his grandson. He was so very happy that the birth went well. During our discussion the subject of the number of young pregnant girls and/or infants that die during the birth.
When I asked why, he simply said there just isn't enough time to get them to a hospital, doctor or elder in the village that has experience to help with the birthing, especially if there are complications.

Upon reflection of all this and realizing that unless you live in or very near a larger village chances are much more slim to child birth resources. I wondered if there were any non-profits or NGO's that focused specifically on this one particular issue. So I did some research and found out that very few organizations focus on this issue. I also found some statistics on infant mortality rates and Nepal ranks 53rd worst out of 222 countries with a death toll of 40.43 out of 1000. These figures do not include the death rate of mothers birthing.

H.E.L.P. Missions has made it a priority to help bring down the number of infant mortality rates in 3rd world countries. Upon our return from Nepal recently we learned a great deal of where the true needs are regarding infant mortality and infant/mother well being. Understanding these needs will hopefully allow us to bring the education and necessary tools to allow remote birthing centers to deliver miracles into the world in a much healthier manner.

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